Is it a good time to sell my house

Is it a good time to sell my house

If your original reason for selling your home is still valid, then right now is still a good time to sell your home. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. The majority of the properties have been off the market for the past 9 weeks and many sellers, for instance those that were unsure about selling in the first place, may decide to wait it out before putting their properties back on the market. This will result in a brief “seller’s market” due to a lack of inventory. 

Furthermore, despite all the challenges in the market due to Covid-19, with rates at their lowest levels in 50 years, those that can will almost certainly take advantage of the current interest rates.

To add to that, we predict that buyers that are in the market will be serious, qualified buyers and that in most cases these homes will sell with limited amounts of showings.

Our in-house videography tool

What we will do to reduce in-person showings

  • The first step will involve getting your home properly valued and videographed. Our office makes use of the latest held hand stabilized cameras in order to give a prospective buyer a good idea of what they are looking at (see image above).
  • The second step will be to financially qualify any interested buyers. This may take the form of banking pre-qualifications or proof of funds. 
  • The third step will involve filtering interested buyers. This will require getting a good understanding of their needs. Traffic patterns, distance to schools and place of work so we can eliminate any homes that do not fit the criteria.
  • Lastly, in some cases we may conduct a “preliminary” showing where a buyer comes to look at the street and exterior of the house before we schedule a tour of the home.

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How you can protect your home, health, and safety while selling your home during stage-3

For the protection of all parties, we suggest that sellers follow the World Health Organization’s advice of social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding touching your face.

To add to this we would suggest:

  • Providing all visitors to your home with an alcohol based sanitizer (our agents will also be equipped with adequate sanitizers).
  • Avoid being in the home while a showing is taking place.
  • Make sure that all lights and doors are open as this will minimise the touching of surfaces. 
  • Wipe down door handles and railings & disinfect kitchen counters and any other surfaces you suspect may be touched during a showing. 

Our agents are acutely aware of the precautions needed to sell a home during this time. We will not ask or expect anything of our clients (buyers or sellers) that we would not do ourselves.

If you’re considering selling or if you have any questions – give me a call today on 072 463 7096 or click here to schedule a valuation in less than 2min. 



Adri Pretorius

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